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Free compilers for many programming languages inlcluding C, C++, qbasic, Visual Basic, Pascal, Assembly, and Java.

I have collected free compilers for almost all programming languages. If you are programming in languages such as C, C++, Qbasic, Visual Basic, Pascal, Assembly, or Java, I'm sure this page will be very useful for you. Below I listed all of the compilers for different programming languages that I have found on the Internet so far.

C/C++ QuickBasic Visual Basic Pascal Assembly Java

DJGPP is a great free C/C++ compiler. It has as all kinds of features. Such as their own IDE (Integrated Development Environment). The name of the IDE is RHIDE be sure to include it when you are downloading the compiler. DJGPP also includes its own graphics library. Maybe it is one of the disadvantages because you can't run graphics programs made on Turbo C++. Some people say that Quake was made on DJGPP! But if your are a beginner in C/C++ programming, don't download this compiler. Because it takes about 10 megs and it is hard to set it up. It is still the best free compiler around.
LCC-Win32 is a free compiler system for Windows 95/98/NT by Jacob Navia. This is a very good compiler for programmers who are beginners or intermediate in C. LCC-Win32 is a portable compiler. It takes only 1.5 megs. As I previously said it is for windows and I like it. It has a very good IDE (editor)called Wedit, so be sure to get it if you want to start programming in C. They also say that LCC-Win32 supports FORTRAN.
Bloodshed Dev-C
This free and relatively small (1.5 mb) C compiler by Bloodshed software is an excellent tool for hardcore C programmers. Dev-C is for windows. It includes help files and a Setup creator to create the installations for your softwares. It also includes a very good IDE.
Sphinx C--
I am not sure what this compiler is. The only thing I know about Sphinx C-- is that it is a free compiler which uses a cross between C and assembly language. It is useful for writing low-level utilities or other programs usually written in assembly. So, I guess those of you who make programs both on C and assembly will like it. You can find more about this compiler on their website.

QBasic 4.5
This is the free QuickBasic development environment and compiler from Microsoft Corporation is excellent. You found it! In this new version of QuickBasic you can make EXE files. It includes a very good help, better than in the previous version, where you can reference through any qbasic commands or statements. Help also includes example programs on each command or statement. I bet you'll love this QuickBasic compiler/editor.

Visual Basic
Envelop Visual Basic
I think that this is the best freeware program you can get over the internet. This FREE Visual Basic compiler is fantastic. I personally tried it. It is an absolute clone of Microsoft Visual Basic. I think that the previous sentence gives you a good idea of the compiler. If you want or are programming in Visual Basic this is a must get for you.

Bloodshed Dev-Pascal
This is an excellent and FREE environment tool and compiler to create softwares in Pascal. Dev-Pascal is for windows -- easy to use. The language is compatible with TP 7.0, some extensions used by Delphi are also supported. use. Help files included and a Setup creator to create the installations for your softwares.
Free Pascal
Free Pascal (aka FPK Pascal) is a 32 bit pascal compiler. It is available for different processors (i386+ and 680x0) and operating systems (Linux, DOS,AmigaOS,Win32). The language syntax is semantically compatible with TP 7.0, some extensions used by Delphi are also supported. Furthermore Free Pascal supports function overloading and other such features. Thou the current versions are evaluating versions but they work quite well.

NASM, the Netwide FREE Assembler v0.97, EXE-files Is a prototype general-purpose x86 assembler. It will currently output flat-form binary files, a.out, COFF and ELF Unix object files, Microsoft 16-bit DOS and Win32 object files, the as86 object format, and a home-grown format called RDF. The Netwide Assembler grew out of an idea on comp.lang.asm.x86 (or possibly alt.lang.asm, I forget which), which was essentially that there didn't seem to be a good free x86-series assembler around, and that maybe some one ought to write one.

This is a very good FREE Java compiler from IBM. This is a fast compiler that adheres to Java language and virtual machine specifications. Jikes supports the following platforms: AIX, Linux, Solaris, OS/2, Windows 95, Windows NT. The cross-platform support and its speed makes it the best FREE Java compiler on the net.
The Javatm Development Kit
The Java Development Kit (JDK) is a Java programmer's favorite. It's is totally free as well as it's documentation is free also. JDK is a complete development tool and compiler for Java programmers. It includes many tools such as compiler, debugger, and IDE. I didn't personally try it but heard good words about this compiler.
This FREE Java compiler/development tool is for the purpose of encouraging and helping people learn JAVA more easily. So, if you are just starting to learn JAVA Bluette is just for you. This compiler is compatible with Sun JDK.

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